So we all know that when we travel with our hedgehogs we need to use a hard sided cat carrier. It protects them in case of an accident and is easily recognizable to rescue workers.

But what about when we get to our destination? Or on a trip that doesn't involve a car? Sometimes a cat carrier isn't the most convenient way to carry a hedgehog.

I feel I solved this issue by making a fleece "Burrow Bag" that opens from the top so that you can see in and pet your hedgehog without leaving them too exposed. Also, to make them more comfortable and give them the ability to hide, I attached fleece strips to the inside sides and base so that they can burrow in them.

Burrow bags really do suit our little darlings and I think everybody who owns a hedgehog and likes to show them off occasionally should consider one. Please feel free to explore my website and find more details about these perfect little hedgie bags.

The site is undergoing long term maintenance, and will be inoperable until May 15 at the earliest. I apologize, but hope the new store will better serve you, my customers

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I'm always excited to hear new ideas, critiques, suggestions or questions so don't hesitate to send me an email. You can also find me on Hedgehog Central as HedgieBall.
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